linux hlds

im trying to get my router,belkin wireless, to put my server outside it, but no one can see it but behind the router, i have port forwarding on 7002,6003,27015,27010. please post any help on this
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me4mimesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can not. I studies this before, you must have the server computer out of your network which has a hardware firewall. The only way is if in your configuration you have a DMZ zone in which you can place your computers ip ports on a firewall disabeled list.
hlds, do you mean a half life server?
JTWolfmanAuthor Commented:
i have it on the DMZ zone, but i cant see it from the game
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what cant you see?
you can try port 27005 and disable dmz... it works on my router
How about this:
- Get two network cards
- Connect your modem to one, and your router to the other
- Have your server share the modem connection woth the router

I have no clue about linux, but I know it works fine with Windows, as long as your comp that will have the server is fast and is pretty much dedicated to running only the HL server and is not used for other tasks.

Anyway, good luck.
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