is there any source ocde or detailed information on ADSL dailing application?

any response is appreciated...
Thx in advance...
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I think you need to be more specific.... are you trying to write you own app with PPPoE dialing?

The protocol itslef is detailed in RFC2516 (

like i say, you need to be a bit more specific

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try Sympatico High Speed Internet Access Manager software
here is the link:
good luck
aleliuAuthor Commented:
thx for both!
Yes,i'd like to write my own application on adsl-dialing,
and its in the phase of "technically operatiblity analysis";

is it much more different from the RAS on regualar-Modem-dialing? how can i work out the detailed analysis report?

i've found some so-called professional website,but few relevant information is'll be greatly helpful even if your suggested website make effect for me...

As i know,some preferred program, such as Enternet *000 is developped by a company instead of the individual,is it that difficult?
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The system is still basicly the same as any other PPP link (so similar to RAS modem dialing protocols).  The only difference is that you are encapsulating in Ethernet frames (Point to Point Prococol over Ethernet (PPPoE)).  If you have already had experiance of writting dialers for modems, then I do not think you will find it a great leap to write one for an ADSL modem (this was intentional within the standards design so as to limit retraining nescassery for COMMS manufacturers).  If not then you can still do it, but I would expect it to be quite hard....

Maybe raise specific coding related questions on this subject in the C forums (or what ever lang you intend to use).

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