Internet Connection Wizard has not finished...

New system, Intel P4 845WM motherboard. Installing Win2k, as I've done many times before. Pretty simple process. Everything went 100% until I tried to install a modem. Drivers & support software from OEM CD (Lucent/Agere) installed fine. Then, I tried clicking on Internet Connection Wizard to create a dialup account.

First screen asks if I want to create a new Internet account, transfer an existing account, etc. I select 'Tranfer an existing accout". Then, I immediately get an error dialog that says "The Internet Connection Wizard has not finished setting up your Internet connection. Are you sure you want to close the wizard?" You can't click No - the error message just comes back up. You can only click Yes, which exits ICW.

Thinking the modem software bad, I bought a new, different brand modem. Reinstalled Win2k from scratch, installed new modem. This software set up a connection for me. It worked, I dialed up, but everytime the account/password verified, it immediately dropped off indicating a PPP error (all the dialup account settings were identical to another system I use that works fine).

So I return this modem, and this time buy a US Robotics (PCI) modem. Reformat drive, reinstall Win2k (SP1), immediately try installing the modem, installed fine without problems. But as soon as I click the Internet Connection Wizard, and select 'transfer an existing account', same problem again. I reformatted and reinstalled again. This time, also installed SP2, and IE6. Still have a problem with ICW.

I've installed Win2k many times before, with modems. No problems like this before. This is the first time I'm using this particular motherboard. I've tried to keep everything standard (ATI Radeon 9000 video). Motherboard has on-board audio and LAN. I tried disabling them. I tried installing and not installing the Intel motherboard drivers. I've run out of options. I have a fast new system I can't get a modem working on. I've also tried selecting 'set up my Internet Connection manually' in the ICW. It gets further along, but claims later that the modem isn't set up properly (in all 3 cases, I installed the modem software per the manufacturer's instructions for Win2k). Any ideas?

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Obv98iously this prolbem is hardware related.
Have you tried using a diffrent PCI slot ,if it's a new board it could be faulty. Besided that particular peice it could just be a bad BIOS.  Worst case scenario you caould just buy a new Mboard. Also have you updated your firmware.

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TooMuchAuthor Commented:
Ok, tomorrow morning will try:
- Reinstall Win2k without modem board in place. After installed, will install modem (in different PCI slot) & driver.
- If still broken, will try installing BIOS update.

I'd have no problem with buying a new motherboard if that was likely to fix it. I'm hoping someone will reply with what ICW was looking at/for that caused it to fail, or with specific experience. For now, will try the above and see. Thanks.
It seems to me that there may be a clash of ideology between the driver installation as per Modem manufacturer's instructions and that of Win2K drivers.

I would try to install the modem into the computer. Let the computer find it and ask for the Driver files required.
Once it is setup by the computer itself, it will be more easier for you to run the ICW at a later time. This will also add the new hardware (the modem) to Windows Hardware database.

Now once the modem gets setup properly( seen by the Operationg System and the computer)connect it to the phone/wall jack and try to use the Windows embedded
dialer to call out to your cell phone or some such

Go to " Start/Program/Accessories/Communication/ Phone Dialer, to dial out to the Cell phone or any other phone. This way you can be sure that the modem is working fine.  

Also, since you have the option to install the Win2K Service Packs one by one, simply install Win2K with any Service Pack. After all your problems are sorted out try to install the Service pack one by one.

I have the same kind of Lucent/Agere modem that you mentioned along with Windows 2K and if I remember correctly I did not have to use any specific drivers
for the modem. Windows 2K already had a built in driver for it. The same goes for the US Robotics (PCI) modem.
I had changed to this modem later on as I got a brand
new one free.

I hope that this helps.

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migit03 and Arjun1.. great advice!  Arjun1, very well put.

The only thing that I was not clear on was TooMuch mention of intell drivers.

TooMuch, please make sure you have flashed the BIOS with the latest version from the motherboard manufacturer.  Also please be sure to download and install the motherboard manufacturer's latest chpset drivers.

The BIOS should be updated firts, Win2k installed without the modem, the motherboard chipset drivers from the manufacturer installed.  Then reboot, go to properties of my computer, hardware tab, device manager.  Check to see if any devices appear ith Yellow triangle or Red exclamation mark.

If all is well under device manager shutdown and install modem following Arjun1's instructions to the letter.  You may want to have freshly downloaded modem drivers extracted somewhere on your hard disk like c:\temp so you can easily redirect windows to look there.

If you don't get an all clear under device manager prior to installing the modem, you have a bad MB.  If after modem is installed and you have warnings in device mgr, you may have a bad PCI bus.  You will have to try every slot to verify.  I would start as far away from the video card as possible first.  Good luck.
TooMuchAuthor Commented:
I did find 3 problems under the Device Manager - the modem, and two PCI items (I wrongly assumed that if the drivers installed ok, then the hardware was responding. Us older device driver writers always made sure of those things :).

I updated the firmware - the chipset update fixed one of the PCI problems. I noticed I had placed this third modem in PCI slot 2, whereas the other two modems were in Slot 1. But I tried moving it to Slot 6. Presto. All Device Manager problems solved, and I'm up and running. Thanks a lot - I haven't had to deal with many NT and 2000 installation problems in recent years.

Glad you got it working.
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