How do I Fixed my IP address although i'm using dynamic IP address ADSL isp?

i'm using win xp, and i would like to fix my ip address although i'm using a dynamic ip address ADSL isp . i'll thanks for any help or ideas that provided , thanks .
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If you have a dynamic address right now, you'll have to get your DSL/CABLE provider to issue a static one (it that's what you were asking) and you'll probably pay a little more each month.

To find out what your current IP Address is do this:

Click on the start button.
Choose Run.
Type in CMD and hit enter.
You should now have a dos prompt.  Type in IPCONFIG and hit enter.

Your ip address is listed where it says IP Address.

Type Exit to close the dos window.


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yeah because typically it will renew every so often and change.. or has that option.. for the most poart they dont though. But for a static ip - you gotta get 1 from your cable company
JeanWoo, what are you trying to do? Arbert, was only half right about HAVING to have your ISP issue a static IP. There are valid low or no-cost options. Check this link: The ISP'$ are getting very serious about the bandwidth their customers use. With low cost routers and switchs companies can operate networks for the same price as you or I pay for our home service. This is one of the reasons they employ their tactics which make it very difficult to use more than "adequate" bandwidth for 1pc.
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No, I was not half right--this is NOT a static solution--it's software you install on the client side to see if the IP address changes--you can give an IP address out to your family, but it can still change.....
I wouldn't take it personally arbert.  You are correct, it seems that JeanWoo wants a static IP address (and depending on the application, that may be the way to go).  However, that isn't the only solution. and others like it ( offer software that monitors your IP address and WHEN IT CHANGES (because it will) notifies them of the new IP address, then they change the entry on the DNS-servers, which lets everyone find your website.  A very elegant solution to a potentially expensive problem.  And possibly the only solution for JeanWoo.  Some broadband providers don't offer static IP's to residential customers.
arbert, I didn't mean to offend you. Of course you are correct that you must request a static versus dynamic IP. I assumed you were suggesting that the only way to have similar funtionality was to obtain a static IP, this is dependant upon what his required outcome is...
Other than ordering a static IP from your ISP or changing ISPs, the dynamic DNS services mentioned above can be a cost-effective alternative.

Some additional dynamic DNS services are as follows:
So, JeanWoo, where are you at on this question?

JeanWooAuthor Commented:
First of all , thanks to everybody advise , brett, are you asking me that what's my point about change dynamics ip to static ip ? well, because i discover, it might me wrong anyway , that i discover my adsl isp speed will be faster after about 1 day , so i'm thinking to fix the ip address.
as far as i know it makes no difference as to whether its static or dynamic in terms of bandwidth (speed)that depends on your internet plan with you isp. static would be better if you had maybe an office with a few computers and wanted to run a small server but for the average user dynamic ip s are fine. but that only my opinion :0)
JeanWoo, usually if you have a Dynamic IP it will change every time you authenticate, or sign on with your ISP. A Static IP will remain the same consistantly. There will be no speed advantage whether you are Dynamic, or Static. If you are not able to download as fast as your ISP's system will allow, then you might need to check a few of your own settings such as your Rwin, or mtu's. Check out, or for some info that might be helpful.
Midniteagle's advice is right on the money.
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