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Posted on 2003-03-22
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Last Modified: 2010-04-26
when i put my disk into a: drive the green light comes on and then a message pops up and says cannot read from specified device retry, cancel.

whats wrong with it?

cheers, nick.
Question by:hereisnick

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1. When is last time you used this drive?
2. Are the diskettes new, never used?
3. Has the cover been off the box since last drive usage? If so, what was done to system.

These will help guide me to suggestions.

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ID: 8188611
The drive may need cleaning, or it's out of alignment, or you have used a bad disk.  There are special disks to clean the drive.  Only use the proper cleaning disk (available online or at most computer stores) for the type of drive you have (for example, don't use a standard cleaning disk for an LS-120 A: drive).  If it's out of alignment, I don't think there's any easy way to realign nowadays.  Years ago there was software to test and align, but, if it's still around, it probably costs more than a new floppy drive ($10-15 at a computer show or via mail order).  If you've tried the diskette in someone else's drive and are sure it's good AND you've tried more than one disk in this drive (especially if they were formatted on more than one other computer), then those tests probably discount a bad disk.  The "tests" check to make sure that someone else's computer's drive isn't misaligned and formatted the disks or wrote the data in a way that can only be read by the drive that formatted and/or wrote the data.

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NoviceScripter earned 100 total points
ID: 8188932
Yeah i had this problem once.........
And i tried everything but nothin works.
But when i replaced my floppy with a new drive, it works fine.
(some floppies can be defective and it's NOT your fault)
So bottom line.....change the floppy it's not expensive either.

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ID: 8190316
re: oakcrest

last time i used it was around 3 days ago.
the diskette was one that id used before and had worked, ive tried others (none new).
nope havnt taken the cover off since last usage.

heres some more info:

when i click on the a drive icon with no disk inserted, the drive starts to try and load and then a message pops up and says "a: drive is not accessible the device is not ready..retry cancel"...i think this is a normal message right?

plus if i click on the icon once so it shows me how much memory is on the disk it does so.

But if i double click it makes no noise at all no loading noise or anything the light comes on and then after a few secs the message comes up.

how much does a floppy drive typically cost?
and same question about the cleaning disks?

on the properties window for the drive it says no driver files are loaded or required for this device.....is this true?

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ID: 8190387
Online I've found the cleaning disk for US$3.00 and the floppy drive for as low as US$11.00 and as high as just over US$20.00.  At a computer show, floppy drives are typically under US$10.00 to about US$15.00.

True, you don't need separate drivers for a floppy.  It's inherent in most, if not all, operating systems.  What IS your operating system, by the way?
I found the following on the net, but I can't vouch for the validity of the info, in case you have Win98:

Does the drive work from DOS?

If it does, then this may help...
A number of people have reported that renaming or removing the file HSFLOP.PDR from their windows\system\iosubsys folder has solved their
problem with windows 98 not being able to access a floppy drive when DOS can.
You can then restore that file using the system file checker. Click start | run and key sfc.exe and click OK.

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ID: 8190878
ok checked thru dos and it does the same thing.

i'll go and buy a disk cleaner for it tomorrow and let u guys know if it works. till tomorrow.......!!!

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ID: 8190880
windows 98 by the way.
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