System thinks my AMD 2400+ is a 1800+

I've recently put together a system and seems to be not recognizing the processor properly, both the BIOS and the OS (windows xp) thinks its an AMD 1800 when it's really a 2400. I certain that the processor in a 2400 because I bought it retail, it was an unopened box. Unless amd mispackaged it.
I'm using a ASUS A7N8X motherboard, with 512 mb PC2700 DDR RAM (micron original). It this possibly and BIOS problem, or does this just happen, thanks in advance.
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Several things to look at.  Asus says this board supports the 2400+ no prob.  And will support at least the 3000+.
With a bios flash.  Try looking it up here:

So all you really need to do is go into the bios and set the FSB (Front Side Bus) settings to 166 mhz.  And not 133 or 100.
Refer to your owners manual to find the appropriate settings.  Here is also a section on flash updates and the like:
Let us know how that goes.
This is a very common problem.  You should set your fsb (front side bus) to run at 133/266 MHZ in your bios as apposed to 100/200 Mhz.
actually it is supposed to be set for 166. for the 2400....or actually I take that back...I think the 2400 can run at either speed.  But anyway I set my 2400's here where I work at for 166.  On that fine.
donpetroAuthor Commented:
Flashed the BIOS, problem solved, thanks for your help, it is appreciated
No problem!  Anytime!
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