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I am using Mandrake Linux 9.0 in a dual-drive desktop.  Win XP is installed on the other drive.  For file-transfering to another box I was able to configure a simple network with my Win98 laptop over Samba.  After mounting the shared directories from Win98 in Linux I am able to transfer files and data easily both directions.  However, I can only transfer data between the two desktop drives ONE direction.

When Linux boots it auto-mounts the XP hard drive as /mnt/nt.  It is no problem to transfer files FROM the NT disk INTO the Linux drive.  However, I can't configure the two sides to allow file transfers from the Linux drive to XP, even as root.  I've tried to transfer files to several different directories in mnt/nt.  All of them are Windows "shared" directories in XP.  I always get a dialog box saying something like "cannot save file as /mnt/nt/<dir>/<filename>."

One thing I've noticed on the Windows drive is that I can't seem to disable the "read only" file property on the folders I'm trying to transfer into.  Is that the problem?  If so, how to fix?  If not, what else should I check?  Thanks.
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What type of partition u r using??is it NTFS
villages_arAuthor Commented:
Good question.

Yes, my XP install was as NTFS.  Is that a show-stopper, since I can't convert back to FAT?  I forgot how exclusive NTFS was until I read up about it.  I can still transfer from Linux to XP via the laptop Win98 go-between; it's just kind of a hassle.  Short of a full XP reinstall (out of the question), is there any way to get the XP disk to seamlessly accept Linux files without using floppy or CD media?
Q:”Is there any way to get the XP disk to seamlessly accept Linux files without”

A:No, The Linux NTFS project http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/ currently does not support writing to NTFS partitions (stable support anyway)

But.... You could easily setup a dos partition on the XP drive with out having to reinstall (just sacrifice some free space).

Heres what you need to do,

1.resize the ntfs partition to allow some free partitionable space at the end of the disk using partition magic or the like
2.create a FAT32 partition and format it

This becomes a drive letter in windows and a read writeable mount in Linux

Ive done this with a Dell Laptop that had XP on the whole drive, I wanted to put Linux on it so I used partition magic in win XP and resized the partition to leave some room on the end of the disk, then booted the install cd for Linux and blamo its dual booting.

Sebastian Hegarty.

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villages_arAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the step-by-step, Sebastian.  I suspected I might be able to squeeze another partition onto the XP drive that both Linux and XP could see, but I didn't want to sink money into a partition utility without confirming that someone else had success at it.

I purchased a copy of Part Magic. but don't have it yet.  I'll let you know how it goes to create the new partition.

- SM
villages_arAuthor Commented:
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