laptop display problem

i have a tulip nb486sx laptop...
it was working when i used it two months before.
now when i boot boots fine and shuts the display off after a few still responds to commands and hence just the display   is off.
the display comes back fine if i reboot using keyboard or power switch. but same story repeats.
if i close the lid, it gives three beeps and display comes back again just for 2-3 seconds.

i am using external power...if i use it without the external power, it still behaves same...this means battery seems ok...or is it not???

if i remove the battery and just connect ac power,, it still behaves the same...

the laptop has external monitor connection...and that gives proper display when the lcd panel is not disaplying anything..

what to do???
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Greetings, kiranghag!

> >the laptop has external monitor connection...and that gives proper display
> >when the lcd panel is not displaying anything..

Looks like your LCD panel has problem. You may want to swap it for another one or take it to a computer repair store to check it out.

Best wishes, war1

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kiranghagAuthor Commented:
if the lcd is bad, it should not give display at all isnt it???
i am suspecting battery problem
does anybody has info as how to charge this particular model???
Can you determine what happens more exactly - is it the backlighting switching off, or is it the pixels "shutting down"?
If it is the backlighting, have you checked the power savings settings in BIOS and your O/S? There may  be an odd setting somewhere.

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kiranghagAuthor Commented:
the display becomes blank but not as if its shut down.
when the laptop is turned goes off complete black
.however this is not happening now...the display looks powered but nothing can be seen

kiranghagAuthor Commented:
and it comes on proper when
1. the laptop is reset by power switch
2. ctrl-alt-del is pressed
3. lid is closed for some time
Could well be that the ribbon cable connecting the display to the base has a stress fracture - try getting a new one fitted.

If you really want this thing fixed ship it off to
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
i stay in india

i dont think the cable is bad since the display comes back on restart...
You could try to enter the bios set up and leave it there for some time and see if the display drops out or not. If it dose not drop out I would suspect a software problem such as a display setting or power management. If it dose drop out then I would suspect a hardware problem.
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
it happens in cmos setup also...
any info on how to verify that the battery is fine and how to charge the battery...
i tried to keep it connected to ac adaptor for a couple of hrs...but it doesnt change the prob
Greetings, kiranghag!

> >any info on how to verify that the battery is fine and how to charge the battery

If you removed the battery and the LCD screen is blinking off, then it is not your battery. Check the connection as one Expert said. Otherwise take it to a repair shop and let me verify that the LCD is good or bad.

Best wishes, war1
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
thanks war...but repair shop is my laaaaaaaast option.
the laptop is a meare 486/4mb/200mb stuff.
even if i go out and buy such model here...they'll ask for INR 20,000 ($400).
repairs in my country are much costly...and then parts are not available for this laptop even in the us online catalogs.

wht surprised me that the thing was working superb when i last closed the now after 2 months its behaving broken..
the battery should be fine, if you can turn on the computer and stuff. if you don't want to take it to repairs, since it's so costly,you may think of buying the parts (if you can) and DIY (if you know how to)
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
sorry to get back late friends...
but the thing still behaves the same way....i tried to plug in the ac power overnight to charge the battery....but no luck
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
sorry to get back late guys...i couldnt do much with it and now i have sent it for repairs...
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