Let the application listen to commands from outside


Does anyone have a solution on how to get an delphi application written with CLX for cross system compability to listen for commands from the outside.

The program will not have any visible interface but will run in the background.
The program will be a server which will listen for incoming requests.

this is how I want it setup:

call server.exe to start the program
call lets say server.exe -stop to stop the server (kill the process)
call server.exe -reboot to restart the program

I have no idea on how to do that, anyone can give me a hint or two.
I just became a member here so I couldnt give more than 50 points for this question.

Thanks alot!!!
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 First of all, when ever you call the server.exe file, you will creat eanother instance of the app, so what you could do is to manipulate the previous instance of the app I don't exactly recall the code, but I think the functions are with Application.PreviousInstance...

So what you should do is the next:
  Have a string variable (let's call it commands)
  When the app is run, check if there are previous instances
  If there's a previous instance, and there's a command, set's previous instance's commands variable, to the command.
  close the newer instance.

func PrevInst(NameOfWindow:String): boolean
  ApplicationHandle : HWnd;
  Result := TRUE;
  if (AlreadyRunning(pchar(WindowName)))
    WHandle := FindWindow(NIL, pchar(WindowName));
    if (WHandle <> 0)
      if (not IsWindowVisible(WHandle))
        ApplicationHandle := GetWindow(WHandle, GW_OWNER);
        if (ApplicationHandle <> 0)
        then ShowWindow(ApplicationHandle, SW_RESTORE)
        else ShowWindow(WHandle, SW_RESTORE);
      if (IsWindowVisible(WHandle))
      then SetForegroundWindow(WHandle);

Not an exact match but that should get you going...

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svennemanAuthor Commented:
I dont want to have a windowed application.

it should not have any interface at all in fact.

I would like it to run as a daemon at linux and as an invisible process or service in windows.

now I see that you use windowname and stuff like that, but if I dont have any form how would it be done then?

or is window available even without a form?

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