Uninstalling Linux

Ok, I have 2 computers, this one and my linux comp. This one is not working with games(freezes), so I am going to install Windows 98 on my linux comp. How do I get rid of it? Whenever I try to install windows, I go through the first comple "Press Enter To Continue"'s, and it asks me if I want to delete the non-msdos partitions, so I press enter, and it says I have insufficient memory.


I am in dire need to play Half Life!
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Don't know why you are having problems, you could try running fdisk (or cfdisk / nfdisk) under linux and deleting your partitions that way.

Or you could check out WINE ( http://www.winehq.com IIRC) which should let you run Half-Life under Linux.
spartamanAuthor Commented:
No, my linux has been a pain in the ass lately. It wont start up. And whenever I just start it up w/o linux, it goes to the A drive (not the c or anything).
Boot it using win98 bootable CD and go to DOS mode. From there run fdisk. Now delete the existing partions and create new partition as you need.
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under the A:/ prompt you must type FDISK /MBR to get rid of linux totally.

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I've found the Linux partition tools are much better at recognizing and deleting partitions. Boot to the linux cd, like you are going to install it. Select custom install, get to the point where it lets you create partitions. Wipe everything and click next (it may force you to build a / partition- make a large one and continue). Then, hit your restart button, boot to the windows cd, run the fdisk /mbr command as above,and then the format c:/s command.
Try to do a low level format of your harddrive, using your harddrive's low level formating utility.  You can get it from your harddrive manufacturer's website.

After doing that boot your pc using your win98 boot diskette.  Then use fdisk to make disk partitioning.

Format the newly made partitions then install the win98 os.
little trick:

using linux:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda

being hda the drive that you want to clean up... it puts EVERYTHING with 0000000000 :)

and it's fast! (actually you just need to clean up the first 512 bytes... but heck, clean it all just for the fun of it... :)

by using windows:
using a command prompt, use "fdisk" to clean all partitions on the drive and THEN use "fdisk /mbr" to clean the master boot record.
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