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I would like to show some web pages off my computer to friends on the net. This would be http serving. I have cable and am using a Linksys router with 2 computers connected to it. I set up the router with a static IP address and port forwarding so connections would go to the second computer to view the web pages. Also set firewall to allow the port, But I'm confused. It didn't seem to work when I had a friend try it. Do I send out that static address as the link to click on? (seems right) Is a made up static address broadcasting itself out to the web so when clicked on, it calls out and says here I am? Seems possible someone else might have it in their router too. Or maybe some other setting is needed.
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You need the actual outside address of the router.
If it's a made-up static address, it ain't gonna work...It MUST be an address assigned by the provider. If they won't give you a static, use DHCP. Your address will very seldom change because they tag your MAC address to that IP address. From the Status tab on your router, you'll see what your "real" wan ip address is. Use that in the http://ipaddress links

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zuf50Author Commented:
Thanks lrmoore. You are correct. I was reading different articles on this and that was one thing they left out or maybe I just didn't get it. It works now with my outside IP numbers.        
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