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configure mx record


We have an own Windows 2000 server running with a couple of IP-adresses on the NIC and ADSL connection with the outside world. The server has Active Directory deployed (local domain). We have a FQDN (ourdomain.com) pointing to our server. In order to host this domain, we have our own DNS server (MS implementation) running. I think it's properly configured because the outside world has no problems reaching our www, ftp and news server.

The only thing is our mail server. Server diagnostics in Merak admin console gives the following error:
Primary Domain Test Error.
Either the Internet connection is down or the Primary Domain does not have a proper MX record.

I have Merak mail server working properly *within* the office, only the outside world cannot reach it (I can send mail from within to outside using own mail server on 'mail.ourdomain.com'). The mail.ourdomain.com however is not recognized as a mail server.

This is how I have implemented it in DNS:

Within the ourdomain.com zone it has (amongst other) the following records:
<i>name</i>   ---   <i>type</i>   -   <i>data</i>
mail                     A       (=internal NIC)
mail                     MX               [10] mail.ourdomain.com

If anyone has any suggestions what is possibly wrong I would be very grateful for your help.

Bas de Kort

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1 Solution
to get your mail server recognised...you need to set the mx record on the internet dns server.

your server is a caching dns server which caches the external dns requests and it serves internal clients...

where have you setup/configured internet dns server?? i guess at you isp or the firm from where you registered domain name..ask them to make the entries for you.
bdekortAuthor Commented:
Hello Kiranghag,

This cannot be the solution. We have registered our FQDN with Networksolutions and if you choose to manage your own DNS servers then you cannot configure anything at all at their servers.

This is what we configured at Networksolutions:
ns1.ourdomain.com pointing to x.x.x.241
ns2.ourdomain.com pointing to x.x.x.242

Our IP-range is from x.x.x.240 to x.x.x.246 (240 is for the router).

It would not be logical/consequent as well to configure mail elsewhere since www, ftp and news is working *because* I configured it on our own DNS server....
bdekortAuthor Commented:

Problem is already solved!

Problem was that the MX record was misconfigured. Where you need to specify the host name I should have left it empty instead of entering 'mail'.

So now it looks like this:

name     ---     type     -     data
mail              A  (=internal NIC)
                  MX          [10] mail.ourdomain.com

Notice the blank spot ;-)

Bas de Kort.
thts good!!

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