"The network path was not found"...

OK, I'm by no means an expert in this field so I feel like a fish out of water, but here goes...
I have been setting up a small network at home, purely for the purposes of learning.
I have 3 PCs:
1) W2K server, successfully configured as a domain controller.
2) XP Pro Desktop
3) XP Pro Laptop

I have managed to get the two XP Pro machines to join the domain. The laptop works perfectly in itself. However whilst the Desktop machine did join successfuly, it cannot access any shared folders/computers/printers etc... It CAN see the server and any users if I search AD for them, but trying to access anything gives a "the network path was not found" error.
The domain controller passes every test in dcdiag and netdiag. I am using DHCP.
The weird thing is, I can successfully ping the server by name from both clients, but when trying to ping either of the workstations by name (whether from the server or a workstation), although the IP address resolves correctly, I always get 4x "The request timed out".
I could go on for ages, but hopefully that describes my problem well enough to get started.
It may be worth mentioning that the Laptop has been configured with mapped drives to the server, and a shared printer, both of which work perfectly.
I'm stumped! It's taken me 3 months to get this far, and I can see light at the end of the tunnel! (I'm not an IT professional)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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G'day DaveKB
> I always get 4x "The request timed out".

Ping server from PC workstation = success
Ping workstation from Server = fail

99% of the time this asymetric ping is due to some type of firewall software on the workstation. XP has built-in personal firewall, Norton Internet Security, PC-Cillin even has a built in firewall, as do some VPN clients (Raptor Eagle Mobile and Cisco clients for sure)


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DaveKBAuthor Commented:
Thanks lrmoore. The firewall on the connection is turned off, however, I am running ZoneAlarm on the desktop, and Norton on the Laptop. I am at work now, but will check this when I get home. Could this be the root of the problem?
DaveKBAuthor Commented:
Hey lrmoore, I shut down Zonealarm on the Workstation, and immediately the ping command worked. Started Zonelarm again, got "request timed out" again, so that's definately the cause. Thanks.
Also, with ZoneAlarm shut down, I can now see all network shares and printers.
I would never have thought it couls be that simple!
Thanks my friend.
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