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NT volume size not showing correctly on Macs.

We have an NT 4 server which has just had its primary operating system drive replaced.  It has service pack 6 installed.  Our problem is that the Macs now cannot see the true size of volumes on the various hard drives (some are up to 36GB in size).  I am aware of the registry changes required to make the volumes appear as 4GB in size to the Macs, but obviously I want them to display at true size.  Prior to replacing the primary drive, we did not have this problem, as I believe that "certain changes" were made to get around this issue.  The Macs are G4's running OS 8, 9 & 10.
We are running Mac file services and Mac printing on the NT 4 server.
I do not want to add any third party software to fix this other than service packs or hot fixes.
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Well, its obviously a windows settings since that's the only thing that changed. Might ask the windows folk.
To what extent are you volume sizes out? I have never had a problem with OS8, 9 or 10 volume limitaions(it was a problem with OS 7 and earlier). Did you mirror or clone the primary drive, are you using sp6 or sp6a ? SP6 had various problems, I know a lot of people stuck with 5 until MS released 6a. Even in todays Win2k world we have dozens of client running NT 4 server with 36 gig mac vols and some with 100gig with no " certain changes" needed.
If you did a fresh install I would start again.
NCVAuthor Commented:
We are running service pack 6a and NO we did not mirror or clone - it was a fresh install.  The Macs can write to the volumes, but the problem is that the Finder basically only sees 4GB and thus will not permit you to attempt to copy more than 4 GB at a time to the volume.  It will allow you to immediately transfer another 4GB afterwards, as the Finder will then still see 4GB of space being available on the network volume.
Do you know on your NT 4 servers whether you would have gone straight from a base release of NT 4 up to service pack 6a in one step?  I did it by stepping to service pack 5 then to service pack 6a.
I have researched this issue quite extensively on the web and it seems I am not alone with this problem.
Any other thoughts, as I know our design department will not be happy if another fresh install is required?
There was a limit with OS 9 about being able to only access 4gb at a time. I think it was an appleshare limitation. Shouldnt be a problem with OS X though.

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