Print a web page so tables don't get cut off.

I have a web page that displays a dynamic table.  The table is repeated based on the number of records returned by the querry.  This number could be different each time.  Each dynamic table will also have different heights.  I want to be able to print all the tables with out part of one being on the bottom of one page and the rest printing on the top of the other.  So, if 2 tables will fit completly on the first page but the third will not it will move that one to the next page.  That next page will then print as many tables it can on that page.  This could be 1, 2, or 5.  I have searched for javascript code and vbscript but have been unsuccessful.  Does anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible.
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Cannot be done, you can never know what wuld be the user's setting for the printer.

What you can do is :
1. Add <br style="page-break-after:always"/>
This will force a page break.
2. Generate a PDF which is the only 100% safest way for Web printing.

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With example3 you can generate a pdf File from what is currently displayed in the browser.

Look also in the forum.

Dean OBrienCommented:
Just a thought, could you not print out individual <div>'s, store each of you new tables in div1, div2, div3, etc then have some sort of function that checked at the number of records in each table, i.e. table 1 has 13 records, table 2 has 8 records and only 20 fit on a page, then you know to print each them separate.  (Not very clear i know!)

(to easynow111)
As avner stated before: You never know the user's printer settings. So you cannot tell how many table rows will fit on one page.

Besides temporary PDFs have a lot of advantages:

- The user can save the displayed webpage without loosing pictures or links.
- There is a printing preview
- If the output does not fit on one page, the user can chose which pages to print
- The user can print parts of pages.


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