Copy files from client to server when user logs out

Hi Guys,
I would like to know if you know how I could setup something to automatically copy all the files in a folder from the client to a server drive when a user logs out.

Many Thanks!
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Acool84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What you want is a logoff script. These can be done using the group policy manager in MMC. Please let me know if you need help writing a script (I am assuming you can write a copy script). There are two versions of group poilicy management, local and domain (AD). I will go over the local for simplicity.

Start>Run "mmc"
hit ctrl + m to add a snap-in

On the "standalone" tab select "Add" and add the "group policy management" snap-in.

hit finish and then close

go into "local computer policy" and then "user configuration" and then "Windows settings" and then "Scripts (logon/logoff)"

select "logoff" on the right window and then select the "Add" button to locate the script.

This can also be applied to a domain (AD) if using a server and select AD instead of local computer policy.

Hope this helps.

when the user logs out?  Is it required only then?  If so, how bout th synchronize feature n W2K, only set it to synchronize on log off.

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