Is there anything fun I could do with 2 pc's and 5 adapters?

class C network 192.168.1.x
Ok, I have 2 linksys ethernet adapters on a fast machine running windows 98, and I also have a dell optiplex gx100, another 98 doze with 2 kingston ethernet adapters and 1 3com integrated ethernet adapter.

These are brand new 98 installs from my old RedHat_7.2, and I'm going to set up a dual boot system on the fast pc.  I have already allocated a partition for it.  I would also like to know, how I can connect both of the machines to my ethernet connection. I'd be open to splicing?? And then I would also like to connect the pcs with a separate cable, connecting them.  I also am interested in using the extra adapters (total of 5) as a firewall or proxy or something.  Also, each adapter would get its own ip address, but would static or dynamic be better?

If you understood some of that.... Basically, It would work like a Bus topology just utilizing different media (cat5 and 2 adapters instead of the 'T' cables).
Alright, so right now the setup I was trying to get to work was the connection cat5 cable plugged into the integrated adapter and then use a separate cat5 cable to connect one computer to the other.  If you noticed, that only covers 3 adapters and yet I have 5.  So I want to do something with them.  

Eventually I will have Red Hat almost always running on the fast machine and run Windoze on the dell.  I'm going to set up a Samba client/server to be able to use both machines resources at once.  

I'm trying to see if there is a simple switch for sale that I could plug in just one mouse and one keyboard and with a switch it would go to either computer... couldn't I make a program that could switch through my network connection? Client/Server?  Maybe I'll just make a switch..

Couldn't I come up with a set-up to bounce one machine off my own proxy/gateway whatever and be anonymous???

Any ideas about how to set up a "padded cell system" or "honeypot" computer to mislead an attack, would be cool.

Input would be NICE on ALL my questions.  Details on maybe just one or two problems would be great! Sorry, I only have 75 points.  

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is a nice little script that sets up a firewall and MASQuerading machine on a linuc machine with 2 ethernet cards.

Connect one to the internet, and the other to your local network and set the variables at the top of the script correctly, (INTNET, INTIP, EXTIF, INTIF)

you will need 2 adaptors in the linux machine, and one in the other.  Run a CAT5 cable from the win98 machien to one of the ethernet cards on the linxu machinem, set them both to a 192.168.1.x address, and they should be able to ping each other using IP.  Once that works connect the linux machine to the internet with the second NIC (adaptor) and use the link i gave you for the script, or setup something similar.  The firewall rules in that script will cause the  linxu machien to act as a proxy for the 98 machine forwarding any requests for the internet out and back, so the 98 machine things it is directly connected to the interent too.

static IP's make your life easier - but i use both.  I have my desktops static and I run a DHCP server for my laptop (and friends).

Assuming you are obsessed with the other 2 NIC's you could setup a second local LAN betwen the two computers on a different subnet - doign something constructive with them is a little harder...  If you have a second internet connection you could plug it into the firewall and setup redundant internet connection

Switches are possible, the ones that work through the network are more expensive - if you want a simple one I'll sell you my 2port KVM switch for $10 i just bought a 4port(if im not allowed to do that then i retract that offer, i dont recall EE saying no but they might have)

(note you will either need to include your ISP's DNS server in the 98 machine or else setup a DNS server on the linux machine)

Sama is good, samba your friend ;)

Protecting your system? well if you use MASQ like i mentioned above, the internal system is not visible by the internet - they have no clue it is there, as far as they can tell there is just the linux machine - it would take someone very interest a very long time to sit there and monitor packets and finally notive that you have 2 connections to AOL or hotmail or something to guess you might have 2 computers. but they can't tell - and they sure as hell can't get into it.

(im sure you realize here that what you have done is made a $49 dollal cable/dsl router with built in 4port switch only you made yours out of parts (like i did my first one))

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You might try VNC for sharing desktops between pcs, a bit like a basic PCanywhere, but will run on linux,windows,etc.

Or, if you just want to run the Linux boxes remotely, try Webmin.

also, you could check out Clarkconnect for a free ISO download. very easy to set up and manage remotely.
Multifaceted firewall,Nat router, Caching DNS, web proxy server, Samba server, emailserver, etc.etc.

Or have you considered cluster computing a la Beowulf?
cduke250Author Commented:
Where can I find a maquerading tool for Windows 98?  Wingate>?
yeah wingate is the simplest masquerade for 98 (free too for under 5 people or something like that)
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