Easy question : How to let messagDlg respond to cancelclicks on closing form?

Hi there!

This should be an easy one :
In my application I use the messagedlg(...) to ask for user confirmation when they try to close the form (are you sure? Yes/No)

Now when I close the form through the FileMenu (TMainMenu->Exit) the messagedlg responds to the cancelclick.

But when I press the close-cross (in top-right corner) the popu doesn't respond to cancelclicks, and just blatantly closes the entire application.

Is there a big difference, and/or am I forgetting something?

btw, here's the messageDlg part I used :

if MessageDlg('This will close the program',mtConfirmation,mbOk,      mbCancel], 0) = mrOk then
  Application.Terminate;// The end of the progame.
else ;  // Empty statement to let program respond to cancelclick

I think it has to do with the empty statement, is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance

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you should place the dialog in the onclosequery-event
of your mainform and modify the canclose-paramater to your
needs -> in case of cancel -> canclose := false;

further advice:

in your exit-menu-click-event just place only the close-method

supply the onclosequery event like

canclose := MessageDlg('This will close the program',mtConfirmation,mbOk,      mbCancel], 0) = mrOk ;  

move this like
into the formdestroy-event of the main-form


meikl ;-)

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or try using this :

procedure WMSysCommand(var Msg: TWMSysCommand); message WM_SYSCOMMAND;

procedure TForm1.WMSysCommand;
  if (Msg.CmdType=SC_ClOSE) then
    // show your dialog

or to disable the 'x'-button :

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  hMenuHandle: Integer;
  hMenuHandle := GetSystemMenu(Handle, False);
  if (hMenuHandle <> 0) then
    DeleteMenu(hMenuHandle, SC_CLOSE, MF_BYCOMMAND);

BinskyAuthor Commented:
Hi Kretzschmar! (and others of course...)

It took me a bit to find out exactly what you meant, (I wasn't reading it right, it was still a bit too much of the monday morning I guess) but that was exactly it!

I was trying to add your idea to the onclose event, which was essentially the same as what I had...But after my lunchbreak I actually saw what you wrote down...Tried it, and it worked (but you knew that!) The onclose will always close, except if the canclose bool is false. Good trick!

I also found out why my mainmenu=>exit_click did work, it didn't call the onclose, which windows "buttons" do!

Another day, another lesson!

Thankx, the 50 points are yours.
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BinskyAuthor Commented:
(I did it the wrong way around I guess, read comment above for actual comment.)
?? confused

well glad you got it work,
even i don't know yet, how

meikl ;-)
mondays are really hard days for me too :-))
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