Help setting up a Proxy...


I am a network illiterate, and need some help setting up a proxy at my "Home PC"

My private Email got blocked by our firewall at work and now i would like to know how i can teach my proxy at home to foreward the emailproviders webinterface if i try to access my home PC.

I have W2K at home and i am running a proxy there...

There are several options but i have no clue where i need to tweak what ...

Can anyone help me out ?

Thanx a lot

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Hi, this depends on a few things. Firstly which proxy are you using? And will it forward your emails. If it doesn't can I suggest Argosoft's Email Server software free from, this is great software, which you can use to forward any number of email accounts, to any other. I've got a Win 2K server which is quite happy running this software so there shouldn't be any conflicts. If you've got any more info let me know.
rdrunnerAuthor Commented:
I need to access the webinterface of the email site... So i need a plain http-forewarding (or whatever you call it)

I am unable to use email clients (and i want to leave the messages on the server so i can pick them up with my "normal" pop3 client once i get home

The http forewarder should also include Ebay ;)
Do you access the Internet through a proxy at work? If you do, you're pretty toast, since I don't know of any client that support "proxy-nesting".

If you can access the Internet directly from work but just some sites are blocked it can be fixed.

However, note that though you're circumventing the technical controls that implement the policies of the company you work for. That may or may not be against your companies guidelines what you can do. You have been warned. :)

Set up a proxy at your home server that listens to a port that can be reached from your work computer. If you can surf general web sites, I'd say port 80 is open, so use that.

Then at work, set your browser's (Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator) proxy to the IP (name or number) of your home server and the port you used (80, right?).

That should do it.
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rdrunnerAuthor Commented:
Hmm i found a 50% working way...

I managed to assign a dynamic DNS entry to the webpage i wanted to visit... (our Firwall blocks Names and not IPs)

now i can access it under (i used the

The only problem i have now is that the webpages i want to cheat also contain forms and those forms have a link back to the original server (which is blocked)...

Anyway... my Problem is kinda solved since i used another (yet unblocked) email provider who collects the data from the main server... (and leaves the emails there for later pickup from home)

But if anyone know how to chain 2 proxys then i would still like to know it ;)

(i find this very interesting...)
From your last comment, I gather that you do need to go through a compary-controlled proxy at work to get out.

One alternative would be to set up a tripple-proxy solution:

Browser                                    Final web
   |                                         server
   |                                           |
Special  --- Corp proxy --- Special --- Proxy at home
proxy 1                     proxy 2     computer

Then Special proxy 1 runs on your computer at work. It is set as the proxy your browser uses. What it will do is to take any request from your browser, encode it in a HTTP request that has your home machine as server.

The corporate proxy will forward this.

Special proxy 2 runs on your home computer. It will decode the request and send it on to the proxy you already have installed at the same (home) computer. It will send the request to the final web server (whose address you entered in the browser).

The reverse will happen with the reply.

I don't know if a beast like this exist, but I woudln't be surprised.
You may for instance be able to use Proxytunnel ( and configure it to do the tunnelling for you, but I have no first hand experience with this tool.

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