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2 DHCP networks on same switch

Ok, I am trying to figure out a way to run DHCP in parallel to another AD running DHCP on the same switch.  Long story, but there are two domains on the same switch.  they are completely separate entities and have no trust relationship, nor will they.  They have to stay on the same switches.

Is there any way I can run DHCP in parallel with the other AD without them messing each other up (which would normally happen of course).
1 Solution
can you not create a super net. i.e. two different sub-nets on the same segment. could you not give each set of machines different ip adresses at the network part..

so if your subnet mask is

have one set of machines use 102.168.2.
and the other set 192.168.3

i think this may work
northcideAuthor Commented:
I'm a bit confused.  You are basically telling me to use different subnet masks to allow two different dhcp networks to co-exist on the switch correct?  well how is this possible if the DHCP server is the object leasing this information to the clients?
Maybe it is possible to configure 2 VLAN on your switch to separate the DHCP servers ?
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ah, of course. thats not such a good suggestion then is it...

in that case either the VLAN option or stop using two DHCP servers and try and re-configure you setup so it works okay with just the one DHCP server and the two domains...
vlans should prevent the DHCP broadcast that you're worried about.
If the hardware and/or IOS support VLANs, 2 seperate VLANs create seperate broadcast domains.  Thus you can definitely have two DHCP servers on one switch as long as the ports are in seperate VLANs.

Do you use the DHCP Relay / IPHelper functionality of the switch? If you do that, you will get trouble.

Disable this functionality and put the DHCP servers to that switch or use one of the servers or workstations connected to the switch as DHCP relay.

northcideAuthor Commented:
Nope, dont use much functionality of the switch atm.  I th the solution is going to be vlan.  thx all.

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