Configure default gateway on Cisco secure ACS server.

Users try to dial up to the Internet. they go through a 2620 cisco router which is directly connected to a pix firewall (version6.1(2)). The pix is connected to the acs on ethernet port and to a 3550 cisco router which is the internal network on the serial port.I want the user to be able to connect to the internet through the internal network. This could be done if the user had the default gateway of the internal network. The  Firewall has VPN access for employees.  The VPN works ok, but the problem is, when connected to the VPN, clients can not access the internet, just the internal network.  All clients are running Windows XP, and I have tried changing the setting for using the the remote networks default gateway with no luck.  

Is there a way to set up the acs or pix to set the clients default gateway to our office's gateway when connected to the VPN?  

Thanks for your time.
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G'day stamkoz
> The VPN works ok, but the problem is, when connected to the VPN, clients can
> not access the internet, just the internal network.
Working as designed if you are using Cisco IPSEC VPN client. You control this behavior on the PIX with the split-tunneling feature. VPN users can use their own Internet connection for normal internet traffic and the VPN for traffic to/from the corporate network. If you are using microsoft PPTP client, un-checking the box to use default gateway on remote network should permit them to use both their own Internet connection and the VPN to the company LAN at the same time.
Some people don't think this is the best idea, and want their VPN users to go back out through the corporate Internet connection to enforce local rules for VPN users' normal Internet browsing. Sorry, but you can't do that when terminating VPN on the PIX.


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