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Setting up Direct Parallel Cable Connection between 2 laptops for file transfer

Trying to transfer files from old laptop running Windows 95, to new laptop running Windows 2000. Connected both computers with a parallel cable, and set up the new laptop as the "guest" and the old laptop (Win 95) as the "host", but I can't make the connection, since the new "guest" computer keeps prompting for a password and domain (don't know why) and whatever I key in - is not accepted by the old "host" computer, thus connection is not established. When I try to reverse roles and connect old computer as "guest" - then the connection is made, but the new computer is not "identified" by old "guest" computer, and therefore i can't see the folders on the new "host" from the old "guest" (ie - there is a connection, but i cannot view the folders on one computer from the other). HELP!!
3 Solutions
Ensure that NetBUEI is installed in both the computers.

Sreejith S
Check all network seetings on both computers, making sure that there is no reference to domain or domain logon in either one. Verify that they are both in the same workgroup. As suggested, use the NetBEUI protocol. Enable guest account on the 2k machine. Check that file and printer sharing is enabled on both and that drive(s) are shared. If there are other network adapters present on any of them, check that protocol is active for the DCC connection. Do not bypass the network logon box - you need to log on, even if you use a blank password. Us a user name that exists on both machines.

Kindly go through this site and follow the links as needed from there:

I am pretty sure that your problem will be solved, as it gives extensive and clear info on hoe to go about setting the connections.


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