query and array syntax

2 part question:
I am using Cold Fusion 4.5
a) how do I refer to a query using 2d array like syntax?
b) what is the best way to populate a 2d array from query result?

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hannemanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Hamdy, I am now half the way there...
I still need to know how to refer to a query using array like syntax, so that I do not have to hard code the column names.
The problem that I have at the moment is that I can access the query sort of dynamically, I can put the column names into the array, but not the column values....

This is what I have so far:

<cfset counter=1>
<cfset thedata = ArrayNew(2)>
<cfloop query="data">
<cfset thedata[counter] = ArrayNew(1)>

     <cfset innerloop = 1>
     <cfloop index="listelement" list=#data.columnlist#>
          <cfset #thedata[counter][innerloop]# = #data.columnlist[innerloop]#>
          <cfset innerloop = #innerloop# + 1>
     <CFSET counter = #counter# + 1>

<CFLOOP INDEX="OuterCounter"
    FROM="1" TO="#ArrayLen(thedata)#">

    <CFLOOP INDEX="InnerCounter" FROM="1"



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hannemanAuthor Commented:
changed this line:
<cfset #thedata[counter][innerloop]# = #data.columnlist[innerloop]#>

to this:
<CFSET #thedata[counter][innerloop]# = #data[listelement][innerloop]#>
puts the value, not the name in, but it doesnt increment (first row goes into every element in the array)
hannemanAuthor Commented:
<CFSET #thedata[counter][innerloop]# = #data[listelement][counter]#>
Very good.

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if your query is:

<cfquery name="query" datasource="#dsn#">
select col_1,col_2...col_n from table

you can refer to query output as:

query.col_1[i] where i is the row of data you want, and col_1 is the column you want.

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