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Update multiple records in CF

I have a situation where I need to get records form data base and display like excel spread sheet using text boxes in cold fusion template. Then based on user activity like i want to submit only the records user has modified and update the database.

I guess there is an easy way of doing with javascript or custom tag available. Any sort of information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
suppose you have a table  users, with (id, firstname, lastname)

get the users

<cfquery name="getUsers" datasource="..." >
 select * from users

<cfoutput query="getUsers">
    <form method=post action=updatepage.cfm>
        <input type=text value=#firstname#>
        <input type=text value=#lastname#>
        <input type=hidden name=id value=#id#>
        <input type=submit value="submit">

you'd probably want to use a table to format it...

then on your updatepage.cfm

<cfquery name="...">
  update users set firstname = '#firstname#',
         lastname = '#lastname#' where id = #id#
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