Belkin Cable Router F5D5230-4 Virtual Server


I'm trying to setup an FTP and HTTP server on an internal Windows XP machine with an IP of assigned statically.  My machine on can connect to the internet, FTP addresses on various ports and Kazaa, but doesn't seem to allow incoming connections for FTP, HTTP, and terminal services.  The router I use has a 'virtual server' option which I can specify an ip address and ports to open externally.  My internal FTP settings are as follows:

Private Port: 21
Public Port: 21

For some reason everytime I try to connect to my external IP on port 21 using an FTP client it times out and does not allow me to connect.  I have tried using DHCP and Static IP's but it doesn't seem to work.  If anyone has any info on the Belkin Cable Router F5D5230-4 Virtual Server and help would be appreciated.

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are you trying to ftp from outside the router or an internal computer on the same side of the router?
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