HP 8150 slow printing with DLC/LLC protocal enabled?

This one printer periodically has an issue where there are noticeable delays between pages. It seems to happen on larger documents and graphic intensive ones.

We have three of this model of printer here. But only one of them has this slowness problem. From their config pages they are almost completely identical. Except the slow one has the DLC/LLC protocal enabled.

I turned off the DLC/LLC protocal because we don't need it. We just use TCP/IP. But could DLC/LLC have caused a slowness in network printing?
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I don't normally see a slow down in printing just because the DLC protocol is enabled. Are they both using the same driver version (pcl6 or pcl5e)? Is the problem printer printing at a higher resolution than the other printers?

If the printers are configured identically, try blowing out the print queue on the server and re-creating it.
You could also try placing the printer on a different cable run. Swapping the location of two identical printers would be the best test to see if the problem follows the printer or stays with the location.
If the problem seems to follow the printer around no matter what you do, you could try performing a cold reset on the printer. This is done by holding down the Go button while you power on the printer. You should know what you are doing though, because this will blow out the entire printer configuration including the JetDirect configuration (unless you remove the JetDirect card first).

You could also try re-creating the network print queue.

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Make sure that if the printer is on a 100Mb Full Duplex network that the JetDirect card is auto-detecting or hard set to 100Mb Full Duplex.

If that is not the issue you may want take RAM out of one of the good printers and swap it with the RAM in the slow printer. Make sure you remove the RAM that is in the poor performing printer. While not a common problem it is one that will cause poor performance and difficulty in troubleshooting. Good Luck!
Hi msubasic,

First, it's not necessary to desable DCL/LLC protocol on your JetDirect card, you will not solve your slowly printing pb.

To solve your pb with tcp/ip protocol you could try to increase the iddle timeout. To do that you need to connect to the jetdirect ip address, with telnet ot web browser interface.

There is one thing more that you can try, is to upgrade your jetdirect firmware to the lastest version.

Could you tell me what printer's model is and what jetdirect card is plugged in.

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