problem after repair IE6.0

i did a repair of IE 6.0 because Outlook Express didnt want to delete messages anymore. Now I have a problem with startup. When I startup my computer, i enter my password, and i "hear" the startup of windows, but nothing appears. When I do ctrl+alt+del, it shows that only 3 things are there: Ie4uinit, Rundll32 and Explorer. Only when i "finish" Ie4uinit, the computer proceeds. (i suppose this is about the very fgirst version of IE that was installed on this computer?)
When I startup in the none-password version, this doesnt happen, but i havent all the info there that i have on my password version.
How do I get it to startup properly again?
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Greetings, savanne!
   Is it necessary to have the password logon box? If you don't need it, get rid of it.

How to Prevent a Windows Me Logon Prompt at Startup;en-us;152104

How to Disable and Delete User Profiles;EN-US;156826

Best wishes, war1

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Go to START, then RUN, and type MSCONFIG and click OK, now click on the STARTUP tab and look down the list at all listings that has a check in front of them. Note all that has the check and then uncheck them all and click apply, it will ask if you want to reboot. Click yes and see if you still have problems.
If not then you can go back into MSCONFIG and recheck the programs you want (or need) to load at boot one at a time and reboot before adding the next one.
savanneAuthor Commented:
hi war1,
i dont really need it, but it has all the programs there that i want, also the stuff in my mailbox etc.
Anyways, I got it fixed somehow so thats the most important thing :)
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savanneAuthor Commented:
yup i tried that and it didnt help, but somehow it seems to have been fixed anyways. I ran scandisk, defrag another time and it acts normal again..... :)
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Just out of curiosity, are you using Windows98 or 98SE?  I've had loads of problems with IE6 with Windows98SE.
savanneAuthor Commented:
hi creedy,
i use windows 98, not the SE version. I dont have probs with IE6 and win 98
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