HELP! Need to Have Word template print to Multiple OutPut Trays (HP Printer)

Posted on 2003-03-24
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Last Modified: 2008-03-17
We have a custom written program that populates a word template for invoicing.  Our invoices have multiple copies for each invoice...
We have a file room copy, a customer copy, and an accting copy (for example.)  We are using Word 2000.

We have an HP 8000 with an 8 Bin output tray attached to it.  I need to find a way to specify in the Word template that this section goes to output tray 1. Section 2 goes to output tray 2 and so on.  We have looked in newsgroups and on the internet and cant seem to find a way.

We have even written a macro to print duplicate copies to different printers, but I dont think that this will work for this particular application.  I need a way to specify a section of a document to a different tray on the same printer.

I certainly hop someone can help...Please be as specific in your answer as possible...I dont know much VB scripting or working with macro's in word.

Question by:pattersonr
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Hello pattersonr,

you could try as a starter

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Patterson: I suspect that only certain portions of your invoice print, depending on the section, but is mostly the same?

So, instead of making a multi-section document, have you considered creating a document that prints hidden text or not?

Could you tell us how the invoices differ?

I think taking this route will not only simplify your printing issue, but could also alleviate file sizes.

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DreamBoat or Anyone Else:
The layout of the invoice template is as follows:
The template populates a section that is considered the Accounts Receivable Copy.  This section has all of the same product and customer information as every other section.  The only thing that seems to change is the fact that each section starts renumbering the pages & each section has the title "Accounts Receivable Copy" or "File Copy" or "Customer Copy", etc.  Essentially as far as I can tell, the exact same information repopulates 4 times within the template and each section just changes the title.  I hope this helps.  Could someone explain how I might print hidden text or not (based on the specific number copy) For ex. copy 1 is AR copy, copy 2 is Customer copy, etc.  Finally, I would still need a way to separate each copy from one another.   Thanks very much for the help so far.  
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Thanks for the website..although...It seems to show me how to select different input trays through word VB.  Ex. If I wanted one page legal and one page letter.  
This however is different that what I need.  
I need to specify output locations.  I have not seen any information on specifing output locations.
Thanks for the thoughts though....
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I would much rather see a one-section document, which should decrease the file size of your invoices to 25% current size.
Record a macro that:
Changes the word "Accounts Receivable Copy" to "File Copy" and then prints to the particular printer/tray.
Change the word "File Copy" to "Customer Copy" and then prints to the particular printer/tray.
And so on.

If the invoices don't change in any other manner from one to the next, then there's not need to have any hidden text.

See how to record a macro in Word:

I'm sorry. To do it any other way is ridiculously wasting space on your server/hard drive. I am curious, however, the application in which this "custom-written program" was written.

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Thanks very much for you continued help.
The custom Application is actually a sales entry system.   The printing component of this program is just one of the components.  The program actually is repsponsible for order entry, reports, and printing various documents, among other things.  The programmers there are very good..(however, sometimes as with this...they are using word to accomplish things) and they dont necessarily have a word guru on site. I do think you are correct though that we are probably wasting a great deal of space.  I have two concerns...First is if we attempt to have the text controlled by a macro does this make it harder or easier in your opinion to go back and say for example (email the customer a copy of the document that has Customer copy on it.  Currently we just delete all the other pages surrounding customer copy before email it.  

I have attempted to record the Macro as show on the website that you gave me....I have recorded a macro that will erase text and then print to each location output bin.
However, when I saved and reran the macro, the text was replace and the document printed 4 copies...However, the output bin did not change.  All four documents printed to the top tray.....Additional suggestions would be wonderful
Thank you
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Hey there.

Since you only have one page, you can include in your macro to not only change to "customer copy", print it, but save it and email it, and then proceed with any other tasks...

Any way I can see one of these docs? And, exactly how you manage to print them? That's the only way that I can be sure we're doing it right.
Also, YOU have to change the output bin via Word's print option, I believe. Please make sure you did that. Also, you don't want to ERASE text, you want to "find and replace"--under the edit menu. And, of course, you'll have to delete all but the first section of the document.


(Leave your code in it if you can.)
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well another piece of code that's doing printing on 2 bins maybe it helps


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