Best Way to Auto Send an Email through VBScript VBS file or EXE

Hello all.  What is the best way to auto send an email?  I want to write a script that will check through all folders in a directory and then auto email based on if a file is found.  I am running Microsoft Exchange with Outlook on each machine.  I am also running IIS on the server.  Can anyone give me a good example and tell me the best way to handle this with Exchange and Outlook?  Thanks all.
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GivenRandyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Send email using SMTP.  Full sample with code at:

To send an email with attachments and a progress bar:
InvisibleManAuthor Commented:
I dont think that way is the best way to handle this.  I need to have something run on a timer that is why I am thinking VBS file run on task scheduler.  That example is pretty large.  Is there anything simpler to create to handle this.  
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