msxml4.dll error '80072efd'

hi there
i get this error message when i use MSXML opbject.
i go through a server(win2k server) to connect.
Set xmlHTTP = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0") "POST","", false
xmlHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
xmlHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Length", len(postData)
xmlHTTP.send postData

Error i get pointing the xmlHTTP.send line:
msxml4.dll error '80072efd'
A connection with the server could not be established

i believe i run via a firewall,any possible solution to be able to send this across the firewall ??
or allow the firewall to pass this URL and use the SEND function??? any ports/protocols to be used??
any help appreciated
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You might first look at :-;EN-US;289481

which is about configuring the protocol stack for the server object (it does not use the old winet conrol).

Other than that you're going to have to tell us how you get connected to the internet.

pgnathAuthor Commented:
hi bigrat
i connect to internet via a windows2k small business server,which has inbuilt ISA Firewall.i guess this firewall is preventing from using the XMLHTTP.SEND() method.

i have a local IIS running on my machine,so taht i could use http://localhost/<my project>.

should we need to install the MSXML4.0 on the server even though it gets created here???

let me know if i sound something ..?
thanks in advance

I presume that the Win2K business server connects to the internet. If you are sitting on a PC on the LAN (I presume there is a LAN with the Win2K also sitting on it) how do you get access to the internet? Have you set up IE to use a proxy server (since if I remember rightly the buiness server contains one)? I suspect that the ISA firewall is preventing connection to sensitive ports from OUTSIDE not from inside and I suspect that the PC's use IE in proxy mode to get to the net. And therefore you'll also have to set the MS XML object on the local IIS to use the same proxy.

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