Running a Batch file in QUIET mode?

I am looking to run a batch file but need to run it in QUIET mode or SILENT mode - basically I need the DOS Window to be hidden from the user.
I am sure that I have done this before but cant remember how.

Thanks :)
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You might try:

command /c start /MIN yourbatch

This can be put in a shortcut or in test in the Run dialog.

Good Luck,
Well that didn't quit work like I intended. You could set your shortcut properties to run minimized. If you needed to call another batch file from some processing you could do the "start /MIN youbatch".
Hi All,

You could use:

From the help:
"Start application without creating a new window. The application has ^C handling ignored. Unless the application enables ^C processing, ^Break is the only way to interrupt the application"

So your batchfile would need to have some way to terminate itself.


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Create a 'main.bat' file as follows:

@echo off

(where a.bat & b.bat are the other batch files which have the main steps to be executed)

Also try it with the 'close on exit' option checkbox ticked.
Hi nafeelm,

Unfortunately, that solution will not work. This is because launching a batchfile directly within another batchfile will cause the first batchfile to exit. Therefore no other commands from the original batchfile will be executed.

For example:
Your MAIN.BAT contains commands to launch the A.BAT file, then the B.BAT file. Once A.BAT is launched, MAIN.BAT is terminated. This means that B.BAT will not be launched.

Also, both MAIN.BAT and A.BAT would be launched in full windows and therefore be visible to the user.

I like pbarrette's answer.
Hi SteveGTR,


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