Travan tape suddelnly not recognized in Seagate drive on XP

I've been using XP Professional for 4 months, installed a Seagate STT8000A Travan drive that had worked well in Windows 2000, made several sets of tapes flawlessly in XP and then suddenly...the drive was recognized by XP but it would not recognize any pre-existing tapes or any new tapes (from different manufacturers). I am using the built-in Windows XP Backup program, so I cannot uninstall and reinstall it, to the best of my knowledge...  What happened?  And more to the point, how can I fix it?  My Google and Microsoft searches have been unrevealing...
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Have you contacted Microsoft to discuss it with their support staff ?? Have you been performing the updates as well.  It sounds like there is more going on here than we know.  Possible system crash, something else.  Any noises or anything out of the ordinary happen ?
You could test the tapes in another drive on another system to verify the drives and tapes are ok.
drjhfAuthor Commented:
XP Professional is maintained up to date at all times.  No crashes, no noises.  Drive is recognized and works perfectly - until recent week or two with failure to recognize media that is recognized on another machine identical to this one with the identical tape drive and backup software.
You could try a few things, run Norton Utilities to see if there are any registry errors.  also, reload the drivers for the backup software.
Another nice pkg is PC inspector that has been seen to work excellent in resolving problems.
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drjhfAuthor Commented:
Running Seagate Tape Diagnostic utility software is the correct approach, as it diagnosed a Failure on Test for Unit Ready - a dead tape drive.  That seems to prove that the hardware is defective. And that should have been my first move.

End of problem.  Beginning of new problem: replacement for an aging tape drive.
Well... that's a question that really is up to you to answer.  There are alot of tape drives that have pros and cons, depending upon what your looking for.  Here is a link that can help you in detemrining the best approach to take.  the root directory of this link also allows you alot of followup search capability.  You should be able to determine the best way to go for you with all of the different comments about drives.
Good Luck !!
I recently had this happen with an older STT20000A drive.  Out of desperation, I reblew the firmware on the tape drive, and it now works just fine.

You might want to give that a try before junking it.
drjhfAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Renots. I thought of that when I noticed a new firmware upgrade on the Seagate site. No help. I must tell you that Seagate was terrific when I e-mailed them with a diagnostic report (I downloaded their Diag software and ran it, proving an unresponsive drive). With one quick 800 call, I arranged for a very reasonable amount of money to have a remanufactured drive sent out. They could not have been nicer. Hats off to Seagate, after all these years of use for the drive.
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