difference between win 95 and win 2000

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i have a problem
     what is the difference between windows95 and windows 2000?
please expain in detail and in points(maximum points 10)
thanks for answer.
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rhinocerosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows 95 is for a standalone PC
- run on FAT system format.
- Not enough security for authentication
- Independent password for each Windows 95
- Too old O/S which cannot detect the new hardware (e.g. new 80GB harddisk ?), many software also do not support it.

Windows 2000 is for network as well
- Windows 2000 is able to run on FAT/NTFS system format
- It provided strong security for authentication.
- Easily share the resource (files/printer) to everyone by different permission in domain.
- Centralized password for domain, You also logon anyone windows 2000 by one domain account & password, which is joined to the doamin.

I hope it can help.

for me, using any NT based O.S. like win2000 provides me with...
1. no daily B.S.D.
2. auto recovery of application files when it does.
3. very few hang ups and crashed applications
4. spend less time going for a cup of coffee since I seldom reboot anymore.
5. increased performance with the same hardware
6. stopped threatning to throw computer out second story "windows"
7. repeat 1,2,and 6
The big difference between Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000 is that Windows 2000 support high security log ins. If you don't have a valid username or password, you can never enter Windows 2000. Windows 98, on the other hand, can be easily bypassed by pressing the Cancel button during the login popup window.

Another difference is Windows 2000 and up support file system NTFS which in turn support bigger capacity harddisks. Fat and Fat32 can't do that.
#10 top ten reason to use a NT O.S.- each time a user messes up their user account- you as admin. can create a new account that works with out you trying to figure out what they did- "nothing it just quick working right".
 Insisting on timely backup of user work files and user preferences eliminates most O.S. reinstalls each time somone " I didn't do anything" happens:)
 Moving users from W95 and W98 to NT4 and W2K has eliminated many user support problems for myself.

 Downside to win2000 versus w95- Win95 still can provide Dos support- win2000 does not.
 But a simple search on Google would turn up a wealth of information. here are a few links-



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