the best php editing/debugging tool in windows?

hi, can any body suggest me the best editor for php in windows os.
 what iam looking is the good editing features,debugging features,low cost.

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PHP Coder: which is completely free of charge. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) especially developed for PHP programmers with PHP Interpreter, documentation, and Full Syntax Highlighting.

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i personally use PHPEd

it is available for both Windows and Linux it does come with a $299 price tag but i feel its well worth it.

amazing debugger
FTP and CVS built right in
project management
tons of stuff...

im actually working on coding my own PHP IDE but that will probably be quite some time before its done :)
simple editplus....why do you need debugger if you a programmer, and frankly speaking use any simple text editior which gives you speed and syntax highlighting ,nothin else is required
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WordPad (NT) or Notepad (Win)

nothing else is necessary.
I use text editing (EditPad Pro) for most day to day coding. I use PHP Coder for complex debugging or cleanup.
there are many benefits to this. What i love about the debugging features in PHPEd is that it is able to show you line by line execution time of your script and also execution time of function calls this is very valuable when finding bottle-necks in scripts.

not to mention code completion wich saves me some typing, built in FTP and CVS support. its nice to be able to edit the files off the server or upload them right through the application. The CVS is also very valuable not having to load up WinCVS or the like externally every time i want to merge a file.

project support so i can just open the project file and i can see all scripts / templates associated with the current project i am working on and switch through them quickly.

i realise people want to see l337 and all saying they only design and code in notepad but if they are saying that i find it hard to beleive that they do this proffesionally. When you have deadlines to meet and other projects lined up you want to save as much time as possible.
I use text editing (EditPad Pro) for most day to day coding. I use PHP Coder for complex debugging or cleanup.
I have tried almost everything out there freeware and commercial and I must say I think Zend Development Environment 2.6 is the best.
It is worth the money for sure. It is written in java and was a little slow in the older versions but is has improved a lot and will keep improving since they are a main player in php. There is a cheap student version too.

PHPed is also good. Komodo has a very good on the fly debugger but I would rather stick with someone who's main focus is php and not perl.

Anyone who says that a simple text editor is fine has never used zend to program a big job. Editplus (which I do like for a simple text editor and used to use a lot) can not compete.

Debugging is one issue you also have code completion, variable drop down list, cvs, project management, it will also reading into your include files and you can call functions from your classes with the code completion.
You can highlight php functions and hit F1 and it will show you that command in the manual. There is a lot more to it. Just give it a try.

It just saves a lot of time coding because there are a lot less errors and typos. I realize you can accomplish the same with out it but there no-way you can say it was as easy.

Anyways this is just my opinion.

GVim! GVim!


php coder pro is pretty straight forward but is decent, and free.
Zend Studio Personal Edition (

DZsoft PHP Edit (
Depends what I'm doing.

Really quick: vim or notepad

Quick and easy: Homesite5 (notepad with pretty colours, or editplus, editeur or a couple of hundred others).

Deep and complex: Homesite5 (with all dem new fangled doodahs turned off)

Boring and repetitive with lots of html and nothing to really keep me interested except the pay: DreamweaverMX with Phakt (oh my god! not yet another insert/update/delete backend which has to have an aesthetically correct colour scheme and layout approved by a 4th generation Feng Shui grandmaster just to keep the client happy)

I tend to find when I'm scripting flat out that having to stop, move my mouse, click a button, go through some inane wizard, go back to where i was, and start typing again really breaks my flow and concentration. Find something that you are comfortable with, can learn pretty easily, and offers you indications/help without intruding, and you won't look back. Everyone is different.
I can only recommand ultredit32
its a hex and text editor with syntaxhighlighting for php/html/java/c,c++ and so on, fully configurable, very good, we use it at work also, and cost about some 20 bucks

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