windows 2000 Server

i have a windows 2000 server domain controller and setup the domain on it and domain users in our network, i'm sharing a drive on the system actually a special folder.
why is it that when joining a domain its so darn slow logging in.

is some setting making my logging in so difficult?
also i have not setup computers in the domain, just users so whats the difference.
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Set the computer's primary DNS server that you are logging on with to be the IP address of the Domain controller. This should fix your issue.
Hai aot ,

Basically the system speed depends on the system hardware & configurations .

for 2000 server we need the higher configurations ,you can see it in

any wayb iam giving minimum specifications



All the best

allways welcome

Yes, thats actaully a very good point Srinivas. But, adding the DNS entry for the Domain controller on the client will probably speed it up. I have seen many cases where a client will take 20 minutes, using default profiles and such, simply to log in; though, once the DNS entry was added all was normal. However, if that does not work then yes we will need more detailed information on the system!
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aot2002Author Commented:
>>Set the computer's primary DNS server that you are >>logging on with to be the IP address of the Domain >>controller. This should fix your issue.

ok right now DNS is turned off since were not hosting any sites etc..  even with it on it's still slow

if you want me to try it with it on just be a little more specific.

>>Set the computer's primary DNS server
ok the only domain controller

>>to be the IP address of the Domain controller
instead of the domain name i setup it as...
the only problem is it wont allow me to change it.
it currently is at
but i think the workstations might be trying to resolve to that name which doesn't exist i just made it up not thinking that they would try to resolve it?
how can i change it and keep all users and settings from active directory.
Ok, this is what I mean. Active Directory uses DNS, you must be using DNS with Active Directory. Your Domain Controller is most likely your networks only DNS server, you must have at least on in an Active Directory Domain, and then yes you have your ISP's DNS server configured on your router or whatever you use.

What you need to do is configure the clients to use the Domain Controller as its primary DNS server. The reason it takes so long to log on is because of the problem it has resolving the name. And really, unless you have purchased this domain name, you should be using "hostnameexample.local" or something like that, but that isn't causing this problem. So, if your Domain Controllers IP Address is (for example) then you need to set DHCP (or however you configure your clients) to use as their primary DNS server.
Oh, yes, also, if you want to change the Domain Name you made in Active Directory, you cant. And no there is no workaround, Windows2000 Server is incapable of renaming the Active Directory Domain, Win2003 is capable of this however. If you decide you want to rename it you will need to DEMOTE the server (using the dcpromo command) and reinstall Active Directory (ya it sounds ridiculous, thats why MS fixed=) ..

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aot2002Author Commented:
can you send me a link on this dcpromo to change the name it's pointing to a domain that doesn't exist???
we haven't setup too much except users in the active directory and i just want to change the name..

should i use localhost or what when renaming it to reference itself?

i turned dns back on but i still want to change the name of the controller to a loopback interface name.
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Windows 2000

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