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I am getting an annoying "Windows has disabled Direct CD... instability... blah, blah, blah" message on start up. I have read about Direct CD being incompatible with XP, but the thing is, Direct CD is not installed on my computer. Here's what happened:  I put a CD-RW disk from another computer in my CD drive once and of course it couldn't read it, but it had a program on there or something that I thought might have been a "translator" or something like that. I guess all it did was try to install the driver on my machine without having the program. So, the tough part is, I can't uninstall the program as everyone says because I don't have the program. What do I do!?!?? Please help!

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can you do a system restore back to a point before the program tried to install the driver?
Look in the Documents folder for a reference to the CD Title you tryed to open. If it is there delete it.

Go to the site of Roxio. Use this link: At the bottom of the page you'll find the program UDFreader. Download it and you'll be able to read CD-RW disks. Might even get rid of the error.

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if you don't need that old driver than go to control panel > add/remove programms and remove that driver there
That disc you put it was formatted and compressed with UDF....that program you installed allow Windows to read compressed discs...unfortunately that was probably an old version.
Download the new version that Merlin put, and try remove it from add/remove control panel like Fred said.  If it's not there tho, u'll have to remove it with Regedit.  It's probably loading the driver from


just delete anything that looks like DirectCD and reboot.  Then install the new driver from Roxio.

warning, be careful when editing the registry, one mistake and u can screw up your machine majorly.  So if you're not comfortable with doing it, don't.
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