VB.NET Locals Windows not operating

Hi all,

I'm trying to debug a database program that uses an access 2000 db. After compiling, executing and then unconditionally breaking at the first line of a function, I click on the 'Debug->Windows->Locals' menu option and the locals tab appears at the bottom. Unfortunately it will not un-hide i.e. When I put the mouse icon over (or click on) the locals tab, nothing happens.

Any ideas people??
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Man i think the local window will not give you anything as long as your cursor is on the first line of the function.

If you want the varible contents and values to appear in local window , you would have to process the line in which the variables are getting manipulated. To do so keep pressing F8 and put the cursor on locals window. As soon as your compiler will process any varibale it will display the vaue of the data member.

In this way your problem will be solved.
Use the "Window" menu to uncheck Auto-Hide or try closing the window from the "Window" menu and then opening it again.

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NorgFestAuthor Commented:

Maybe I shouldn't be on a web page that has expert in it's title! Thx Sijin, not sure why a mouse over wouldn't raise it but your trick worked!

You're welcome mate...was quite frustrating for me too when i faced that problem, hope they've fixed it in VS.Net 2003
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