System Restore in Hewlett Packard

I have a Hewlett Packard pavilion 7955 computer (windows xp). When I bought my computer no recovery disk was distributed to me because it has a built in tool where i could restore applications or restore the entire system. Two days ago I decided to restore the system because my computer was running to slow, so i started the restore system option. Everything was going fine, everything was installing, I think it was in 25% of the process, but accidentally the power cable of the computer got disconnected. I connected the power cable back and when i turned the computer on, i couldn't get access to my computer anymore. Now when i turn my pc a message appears saying:

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<windows root>system32\hal.dll.
please re-install a copy of the above file.  

I think this is happening because the files did not finish installing and that may be the reason its not finding them. I have already tried "the last good known working option but it does not work. can anybody please tell me how to fix this please...    thanks a lot .

Victor V.

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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this take the following and paste it into Notepad then save it as boot.ini

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

Now put it on a floppy and boot the XP Recovery Console
Put that floppy in and use the copy commnd

Copy A:\boot.ini C:\

To start the Windows Recovery Console, use any of the following methods:
Start your computer by using the Windows Setup floppy disks or the Windows CD-ROM. At the "Welcome to Setup" screen, press F10 or press R to repair, and start the Windows Recovery Console.

Obtaining Windows XP Setup Boot Disks;en-us;310994 
You can't run the resotre again?
sramesh2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
start Recovery Console.
When prompted, type the Administrator password.
Most likely you will need to expand the file from the source directory.
The command is "expand d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll".

Substitute d: for the drive letter of your CD or Windows source files path. Once you have expanded the file type "exit" to exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer.  
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trywaredkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't do anything without a "recovery disk" because "windows could not start"

Get a recovery disk where you purchased your computer, or take it with you down there.

Many Regards

Jorgen Malmgren

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