Linux Installation on an Amd microprocessor based computer

during installation the linux installation program "anaconda" sends a message that it is unable to probe monitor. after installing in text mode,
while booting it gives an error-"Error 28 : The selected item does not fit in the memory"
please tell me how to rectify these errors.
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Can you post all your hardware configurations?
Sounds like you have two problems: 1. "not so common graphics" hardware, and 2. "OOM" (Out Of Memory)... perhaps induced by a lack of memory (RAM), failure to correctly probe the RAM size, or some (perhaps memory mapped) hardware fouling things up.
What it seems to add up to is that you might have an older system that don't really "co-work" to well with the install-time kernel. I've seen other installers "auto-probe" themselves into extinction (:-) on older server hardware...
So we really need that hardware specification, to be able to tell you what might be really going on.
Anything you can tell us is better than nothing:-).

-- Glenn
Glenn is correct.

Something to try: Depending on the version of linux you are using, try running Xconfigurator at a text # prompt. RedHat 8.0 does not contain this program.

If it runs, you can then setup up you video card and monitor manually. To start, select a VGA card and custom Monitor Standard VGA. You can then play with these settings to get the best you hardware can give you.

Good luck.

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Manish_Kumar_JhaAuthor Commented:
hardware specifications-
     ram- 128 mb ddr
  40 gb hdd 7200 rpm
  mother board-asus
 microprocessor-amp athlon xp 1800+
monitor - lg studioworks 563a -this model is not in the list of monitors in red hat 8.0 installation.
note- the same monitor and other hardware components with intel 2.1 ghz installed the os had intel mothrbord
Not so old then. To bad:-).

So... that the same HD and monitor worked on a completely different machine doesn't tell us much unfortunately. Still to many "unknowns".
What chipset is that (or failing that, the model of the mobo should do)?
What Graphics adapter?

About the monitor, if there is an entry for studioworks 560, use that. LG sells the same HW under different names (well, actually the names are pretty close. in your case only differing in the last digit:-) depending on _where_ in the world it gets sold... Sigh.
If you can't find an entry for it, or cannot coerce the installer to actually start the graphical ('cause this fails real early right?) the specs from your manual might help. Failing that, these may or may not be of help:
560SC/560Si horizontal 30-70 kHz, vertical 50-160 Hz (max 1280x1024)

But your problem is probably somewhere else.

-- Glenn

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