make a root account

I want to know how can i make a root account without the current root password and i don't want the current root to be damaged...
thank all of you..
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GnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"just add a line like" should have been "just add a line like this to /etc/sudoers"...

-- Glenn (a.k.a. Le Grand Typo)
What signifies root is two things:
1. The UID and GID is 0
2. Root is allowed anything with minimal checks

Setting up a second "root" with UID 0 will have effects on the current root.
You can "simulate" root priviledges with sudo... just add a line like
<username> ALL=(ALL) ALL
and that user will be "as good as root" through the use of sudo (sudo fdisk /dev/sdb6 ... or whatever) as long as the user supplies valid credentials (his/her own password).

-- Glenn
keramati_mmAuthor Commented:
i gave you this points only because you are a child.
don't cry any more...
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