SUNW,hmeO: Link Down - cable problem ?

My problem

I am unable to identify and trace the error display:

SUNW,hmeO: Link Down - cable problem ?

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Meps, I think I answered this on another site, but just to reinterate. This message sometimes appears on boot up, but is spurious. Can you connect to the machine via telnet, not just from the console. If you can't, check that the cable is correctly plugged. If so, it may be a problem with your card, but it's worth looking at the man page for ifconfig for options to configuring your network card. HTH.
The error means that there is no electrical connection on the hme0 network port, this is usually the on-board network card.  Either there is no cable plugged in, or the cable's other end is not plugged in, or there is a fault with the cable.
If you are not using the network, as Ken suggests above use ifconfig to disable hme0, so you don't get the error again.


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Does the box still has network connetion when you see the message?

If you can ping the other box from the problem box, it is likely you have a network overload problem.

the "SUNW,hmeO: Link Down - cable problem ?" message, soemtime is a little misleading in that it always assumes
the link is down after 16 collisions, the real cause of the message appearing is due to the network being overloaded.

netstat -i
to check it out.

FYI ... if hme0 is not in use, issue the following command to disable and stop the error messages:

   # ifconfig hme0 unplumb

Otherwise, liddler is correct and the cable is NOT connectted or functioning properly, check the following:

   +swap the cable with a known good cable
   +use 'ifconfig -a' to verify network interface settings
   +your hub/dsl/router is not crossed (if this is the case you will not see a link light lit on either end)

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