Problems with DNS and AD

I have set up two win2000 servers. server1 - Master DC server2 - DC

I installed AD on both and DNS on both.  When both servers are running together, Active Directory tools take an extremely long time to initialise on Server1, and any operations take an equally long time to run. eg. double clicking on user to view properties.  Server2 AD tools seem fine.  When I run server1 only, AD tools are fine.  If I run both and then shut down server2 then AD tools take a long time to initialise but once initialised work fine until you stop using them for about a minute or so and then it takes a minute or two to come back online.

I thought this might be a problem with DNS.  I created the reverse lookup zones on both DNS servers.  This made no difference.

I would appreciate any help.


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How did you set up FSMO roles? By saying that server1 is Master DC you mean that it is the PDC Emulator? Any of them is a GC(Global Catalog)? From where is the DNS zone loaded: Active Directory and registry, registry or file?

As a suggestion: try seizing the FSMO role "Infrastructure Master" to server2.
What network cards (NIC) are you using? Are you using a Hub or a Switch to connect the two servers?
Are both servers members of te same domain? Remember, in AD, all servers are equal and the AD database is replicated to the fellow DCs. If you installed the second DC properly, any changes made to DC1 will be replicated to DC2 including the DNS. Sounds like you may have improperly configured DC2.

a_j_halpinAuthor Commented:
both servers are in the same domain. lets call it domain.local for now. server1 was installed as the first DC so I presume it has all the FSMO roles.  the GC is on server1.  DNS is directory integrated. NICs are HP Netserver NIC's.  Nothing wrong with any network operations other than AD tools and performing operations on AD from server1.  Servers are replicating AD data correctly.


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Microsot recommendes that if more than 2 DC's are in a domain, the Infrastructure Master should not be on the GC(;EN-US;223346); therefore my initial suggestion remains. Beside that, you could run dcdiag.exe and netdiag.exe against your servers and see if they give you any clues regarding misconfiguration.
if you installed dns server on both, remove one of them, and point the second server to the dns of the first.

having two dns servers as primary for the same zone is not possible.
a_j_halpinAuthor Commented:

i removed the DNS server from server2.  still no joy.  

xperiment, microsoft does not recommend you move the IM role from the GC server if you are in a single domain environment. see article Q223346 on technet.

I notice that when i ping an FQDN from server1 it takes ages to resolve, but if I ping a netbios name its fine.  This only enforces my belief that it is definitly a DNS problem.  I removed the DNS forward lookup zone and recreated it.  still no good.

Anyone any other ideas?


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