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Naming Service

I need to design a Naming Service for a distributed system, the system needs to identify an object by an identifier, it's name.
From this name, the name service provides a runtime mechanism for deriving the address (location) of the required object.
The name service will respond to a number of requests:

Register an object - This request takes at least two parameters, the name of the object and the address of that object.

Unregister an Object - This request is the opposite of the previous request with an entry being removed from the servers database.

Map name: This request accepts a name and returns the corresponding address (if the name is present) and any appropriate attributes.

All requests return a result, which includes appropriate errors
I want to code this in Java or C++
Any help will be appreciated


1 Solution
Have you checked out existing mechanisms like LDAP as opposed to rolling your own (or is this homework)?
Matty2003Author Commented:
Yeah i've checked out LDAP but this has to be in Java or C++
What do you mean by "it has to be in Java or C++"? LDAP is a protocol. There are C++ and Java libraries to access it. Or is this a homework assignment?
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Matty2003Author Commented:
Yes it's an assignment, which can be programmed in anything but I'd prefer C++ or Java, I don't know anything about LDAP
Note that Expert's Exchange has a policy against asking for help on homework problems.
Sound alot like SNMP, the simple network management protocol in conjunction with a custom mib (mgmt info base) made up of OIDs (object identifier descriptor)s for hostnames.

SNMP is non-stateful, unlike TCP/IP.

Otherwise, sounds like you're duplicating known Naming Services (i.e. NIS, DNS, LDAP, etc...)

my 2 cents
Without going into detail (seeing this is a support forum, not a programming forum), split your project into it's component systems and design them individually (standard OO design).
Draw yourself a class diagram, based on the nouns (classes) and verbs (methods).  This'll be the overview for your project.
Once this is done, code it and test.

Best of luck.....

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