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What is the best external modem and where can I find performances ?

What is the best external 56 Kbps modem and where can I find performance of modems in tables (which site) ?
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modem "performance" is very hard to put into tables like i believe you're wanting to look at. This is because a 56k modem's performance is dependant upon many outside factors such as the telephone line quality, telephone company's switching and the ISP's access number & modem quality.

Personally I recommend a few external modems depending on your price points (all of which i own):

Most Expensive (over $100)
The USRobotics Courier ...this is considered a "business class" modem and thus will last a very long time and be very reliable. (I've had mine since 1996 and it's still running smoothly)

(the ones below are usually available at circuit city & best buy...you could probably find them cheaper online but may need to go out to physically find them to get the model number of the modem you need to buy online)

(under 100)
Diamond Supra Express (serial..not USB).
This is modem is one that continues to get high marks from different hardware review sites and one that i am very happy with.

Zoom External(not sure the model..again serial not USB) Look for the Lucent/Agere or Conexant logo's on the boxes as either model does a great job. The one with the Conexant logo on the box would be the closest comparable model to the Diamond Supra Express and usually performs just as good.
I don't know which is the best external modem, but there is a website ( www.PriceGrabber.com )where you can go and compare the different models yourself, and prices are included. Also, some of the models have been rated. Only you know to what use you wish to put a modem and which features you would prefer or need. However, I would suggest that you consider buying a V92 rather that a V90, as V90 does not support some features that may be important to you. Almost all available external modems are 56K anyway. If price is a factor, you might find some interesting options at www.computergeeks.com as well.
Hi, it's me again. I forgot to mention that when you go to PriceGrabber.com, you use their Search feature to SEARCH ALL PRODUCTS for MODEM EXTERNAL. That should give you a whole list of external modems with prices, and descriptions. Happy hunting.

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