ado: set default field values

hi all,
i have a table with some default values
for example "IsMember" set to False.

now, when i insert a NEW record (insert mode) in my form and uses TDBCheckBox
the DBCheckBox is grayed (and checked) as if the initial value is NULL.
how can i make the DBCheckBox to set the default values from the DB, so it is marked as the default?

hope my queston is clear.
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, a trick

  TCrackDataSet = Class(TDataSet);

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

just use it in the afterInsert-event,
to reset the modified flag to false

hope it works for you

meikl ;-)
usual dafaults are only set
when the record is being about
to be inserted into the db and
the user did not providing a value
or a explicit NULL -> on post

usual most frontends (also delphi)
are giving an explicite NULL to the DB,
if the user didn't enter a value,
but you can give at TField-Level
a DefaultExpression -> property,
(on some databases this default
is read out from the db automatically,
guessing not with ADO (never tested))
which is applied on post.

if you want the fields prepared
with a defaul-value, then u have
to do it byself, using the
afterInsert-event of the dataset.

meikl ;-)
morgantopAuthor Commented:
hi kretzschmar,

>if you want the fields prepared
>with a defaul-value, then u have
>to do it byself, using the
>afterInsert-event of the dataset.

problem is that i'm checking the dataset.Modified flag.
if i change dataset on afterInsert event, Modified is set to true.
is there a way to clear the Modified flag, without posting?
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>is there a way to clear the Modified flag,
>without posting?

nope, its a readonly-property,
how or why do you check this flag?
morgantopAuthor Commented:
when user addes new record,
i open a modal form (with db-awrae controls bound to a dataset) set dataset.Append and the user fills the info.

if he press 'cancel' button i do dataset.Cancel
if he press 'ok' i check if the dataset.Modifyed only then make dataset.Post (and other sql inserts)

this works well but my DBCheckBox's are allways checked+grayed (the initial problem)
i dont remember having such "problem" with paradox.

you see my problem?

morgantopAuthor Commented:
briliant as usual :)
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