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Hi, we have several Win2000 computers networked. Problem is the administrator password is lost (comp1). Good news is another station also has admin status (comp2). I followed these instructions:

right click the task bar and select properties--->advanced tab-->check the "display administrative tools" selection and click "ok. Now click on start,programs, administrative tools, computer management,expand the local users and groups and under users, there should be the administrator account. Right click the administator account and reset the password to what ever you like.

Didn't phase comp1 when I tried to logon at that station. However, comp2 will let me logon with as "administrator" with the new password I chose. Any ideas?

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rhinocerosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As you said, the two server are standalone server on network, right ? Because you still have 'Computer Management' components. Different servers have their different password (include administrator), those are not be joined in Active Directory.

So you just reset the administrator password on comp1, it must not automatically reset the comp2 at the same time.

I hope it can help.
Just as a suggestion :)
I personally don’t know of a way to get around your situation short of reloading the OS.
But I always put a back door in all my network setups.
a backdoor w/ admin rights will allow you to always get into a machine
most admin passwords are passwords select by staff, and often forgotten
so put the backdoor with a tough password that only you can remember.
that way you wont be locked out of your own work environment:)
hope this helps
mocha man
Cindy0904Author Commented:
Hi guys. Would you believe after several failed searches, the missing password was found?? Thanks for all your help.
It sounds like you are trying to change the password for the local administrator account which is specific to a computer.

On Comp2
Redo your steps again to get to Computer Management. Then right click where it says "Computer Managment(Local)". Select the Comp1 computer and then change the Administrator password by going to Local Users and Groups etc.

On Comp1
Try the new password

Hope this helps
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