How to call a UNIX shell script from PB7 client? Some DBs allow system call from stored procs, but I need general solution.

I would like to find a native PB7 DB-independent solution to execute a UNIX shell script from PB client. Some DBs allow system calls from within stored procedure (Informix is one of them), but I need a solution that doesn't rely on individual DB implementation.
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you need a telnet client to logon to UNIX and send command to execute your shell scripts.

here are links to source code,tools for telnet clients

and here from EE.

if you can wait I will take a time to develop telnet client to work with PowerBuilder for you.
lvovkAuthor Commented:
I work for a major investment bank where the NT environment is very tightly controlled. I cannot install any software without proper authorization. So using third-party telnet client will not do.

I could set up a port on UNIX in /etc/services, add a line to /etc/inet/inetd.conf to run a script when a telnet connection is made on a defined port, but I was hoping for a solution where I wouldn't have to go outside the confines of PowerBuilder and native NT services.
about telnet client solution, you can use WinSock API to develop this telnet client with PB(yes, NT has winsock DLL in the system).

this model will be looked like this.

             telnet protocol
PB+winsock DLL <-------> UNIX shell script

Oh, I have more idea.
If you have a Web Server runs on UNIX.
here is another solution,

you can use Powerbuilder function PostURL() or GetURL() to run shell script through PERL CGI or PHP script.

this model will be
        http protocol
PB <--------PERL CGI or PHP ------> UNIX shell script

simple code, in PB7

GetURL("http://server/scripts/run.cgi", ii_returnobject)

you need to write simple run.cgi to execute shell scripts and return your message back to PB.


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