Another beginner question brought to you by Steve... More easy points guys!

Hey quick question, I know you guys must be loving my easy points. Anyways here it goes... How do I declare a static 2 dimentional array, must be a constant like

  MyArray: Array[0..3] of String = ('aa', 'bb', 'cc', 'dd');

Okay that single dimentional array works fine of coarse, but say I want to make a table of this like

  MyArray: Array[0..3, 0..3] of string = (??????? ***

*** okay this is where I get stuck. I dont know how to put in the values correctly, I always get an error that's like "incompatible Types: 'Array' and 'String' " no matter what I try. Remember this must be initialized in the constants section just like the first one is.
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  aa: array [0..1,0..1] of string = (('a', 'b'),('c','d'));

wbr, mo. :)

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4-by-3 matrix of strings
MyArray: Array[1..4, 1..3] of string =(('11','12','13'),

Every Delphi programmer was once a rookie...
No points, please!

mocarts, i didn't see your post, but you were the first one...

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PoeticAudioAuthor Commented:
Wow, I feel stupid... Thought I tried that... it worked so I guess I didn't, thanks guys..

I bet you used ; instead of ,

That's what I did back when I first tried to use matrixes and couldn't get it to work.
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