Removing Outlook Personal Folders Backup

We have a PC running Windows 2000.  This computer was used by an employee who had the MS Personal Folders Backup add-in.  The employee has since left the company and her NT account deleted.  Also, her profile on this PC has been removed.

When I tried to install Personal Folders Backup on a new employees account it told me that a previous version had been deletected and to uninstall through Add/Remove.  However, I cannot to this as the old employees account and profile is gone.

Therefore, I need to uninstall manually I am assuming?  Any help is appreciated.
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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ie by extract I mean rather than double click on utility right click and choose extract, you will need something like WinZip to do this
Try saving the pfbackup.exe utility you downloaded, then extract the files to a folder or destop.  Launch backup.msi, which should reinstall the Personal Folders Backup utility.
UKChapAuthor Commented:
I managed to get this working by creating a shortcut to the exe file.  You add -c to the target name and it then extracts to a folder of your choice.  It can then be run directly from the extracted installer.
Yeah, same dif.  Glad you got it fixed.
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