PcAnywhere 10.5 with Linksys Router

I'm running a nine system network using a Linksys BEWF11S4 v. 2 wireless router with 4-port switch. The entire network is running P4s with Win 2000 Pro. Seven of the computers are networked via WMP11 wireless cards while two are connected directly. The router is running the newest firmware, and the cards with the second to most recent drivers (as the newest drivers will not work with the version of the cards we have).

We are running PcAnywhere 10.5 on 3 of these systems. Set up the proper (differing) ports in the various configs of PcAnywhere and set up the proper port forwarding in the router. It works. Sometimes.

I can connect remotely one day, and the next day, without changing a thing, not connect. Sometimes it will work great for a month straight, and then the last three weeks it hasn't worked at all. Sometimes it will work on some computers, while it doesn't on others. During all of this time, no hardware or software settings have been modified.

Any suggestions?
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static public ip?
first thing I would do is a port scan from your machine (to make sure the ports are open)
here is a good scanner

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kyoukiAuthor Commented:
It is a static IP. I never thought of checking that end, but now that I do I'm even more boggled.

I telnted out from the system to a remote unix shell. I fingered my account to get my "logged in from where" address, got the IP from it, and compared it to our static IP. It was the same. So far so good. Now, I try to ping that IP from the shell account, and it doesn't ping.

Now, I'm telneting -from- that IP, but I can't ping back to it. More and more strange.
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